Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Back in the game

It’s been a looonngggg time since I posted to this site, mostly because I haven’t been riding much and there’s not a lot of content to draw on. But all that is about to change. Eight weeks from now Sarah, myself and the kids (Wynne is almost 4 and Shaw almost 2) are heading to Canada for the summer. No work, no schedules, and lots of time to ride… The `Endless Summer’... [Read more]

Riding the North Shore

A classic bridge punctuating the North Shore It’s been a ridiculously long time since my last post – almost a year to be exact. In a sense it’s because it was the last time I rode properly (the Croc Trophy). Life has been good – a new baby born three months ago, officially a partner in the business and having a ball watching Wynne grow up – there just hasn’t been... [Read more]

Crocodile Trophy Stages 6, 7, 8 and 9

Stage 7 was daunting on paper: 151kms and 43 degrees forecast. A break went up the road with Haselbacher, Mulkens, Sokoll, Griffin and Hsulmans early in the race and it was reasonably sedate except for Urs Huber attacking through the feedzones (a no no) and mayhem when we had to open farm gates. Eventually things settled down and it was a long hot day in the sun. The group was whittled down to about... [Read more]

Crocodile Trophy – Stages 4,5 & 6

Stage 4 consisted of three laps of 28km circuit and I had a great day. The front group was down to 10 guys when I got popped at around 50kms but managed a 5km time trial and got back to the leaders. I was able to stay with them until 10kms to go when I went out the back with two other guys I have been riding with a lot – Justin Morris from Sydney and Kevin Halsey from Belgium.  I rolled in in 7th... [Read more]

Crocodile Trophy – Stages 1,2 & 3

The Croc Trophy has started in a way that no one expected: monsoonal rain. The race got underway in downtown Cairns in torrential rain and it’s been with us ever since. None of the competitors or organisers are prepared for the weather – some people don’t even have a long sleeved top to put on at night! Stage 1 started with a 12.5km climb and the pace was high from the gun. I managed to find... [Read more]

Crocodile Preparation final days

After nearly six months in the planning the start of the Croc Trophy is only four days away. The build up had been going really well until a major chest infection put a big dent in the training and it was touch and go whether I would be able to get back to training at all before the event. Thankfully I rolled the dice and got back into training early into my second round of antibiotics but was careful... [Read more]

Crocodile Trophy Prep #4: `Form Finder’ Weekend

Training is one thing, but there is nothing like a race or two to provide an insight into how the preparations are going. When the Mawson Marathon was cancelled I earmarked the same weekend for a couple of `form finders’ – races that would provide a more accurate gauge of where I was at. It was important that I did two races back to back for several reasons. It would: Help to mimick the backing... [Read more]

Crocodile Trophy Build Up #3

Less than two months to the start of the Croc Trophy and the form is starting to build. And a little anxiety… It has occurred to me over the past few weeks how implicitly you have to trust your coach. I have had a heavy focus on ergo (indoor trainer) sessions which tend to have the effect of flattening you before they make you stronger. In particular, the mega sessions of two hours duration take... [Read more]

Crocodile Trophy Prep: Progress Report

The first three weeks of the official preparation for Crocodile Trophy have ticked the three big boxes: 1. The routine has been established 2. Motivation has been restored 3. The body is starting to respond Establishing a routine People often say about diets that you shouldn’t think of it as a diet, but rather a way of life. After more than six months of riding for fun and racing infrequently, the... [Read more]

New TV advertisement for Giant

A few weeks ago I dragged myself out of bed at an ungodly hour to film a TV advertisement for Giant. The early wake-up was particularly difficult given I had raced a 6-hour MTB race the day before at Forrest. What should have been an easy trundle along Kew Boulevard ended up being an hour of pain – the body didn’t have much left in the tank. Anyway, finished product is now airing as part... [Read more]